2017 Summer Bucket List

Don’t you feel like time slows downs during the summer? That’s its magic, right? With so much happening around me, I welcome a slow down. While the official start is a still a few weeks out (I’m looking at you June 21st), I’m already daydreaming about all the fun things I want to do with my little trio. We’ve got #fungoals and I’ve made a list cuz, mom brain. What’s on your summer bucket list? Do you make a list or is this just a thing moms do to ensure it gets done?


Photo via thestarlightbowl.com

  1. See a show at The Starlight Bowl
  2. Read all the magazines that are sitting in a pile on my nightstand, preferably by a pool.
  3. A tech detox, like for more than an evening.
  4. Take a craft class, maybe this sewing one from Merrick’s Art?
  5. Spend a long weekend in Palm Springs. This video from We Like L.A. is giving me all the #desertfun inspo.

    palm springs we like la

    Via We Like L.A.

  6. Do a major closet clean out.
  7. Enough beach trips to get my money’s worth for the canopy I had to buy.
  8. Read a book just for fun, not an audiobook, or anything related to child rearing.
  9.  Date Night, just one. Please?
  10. Finally get a scoop at Quenelle or maybe try the Red Bull Tang Popsicles, because everynight with a toddler is an all-nighter.

    2017-06-08 22_32_18-@quenelle • Instagram photos and videos

    Photo via @quenelle

  11. Bike around a new neighborhood.
  12. Fly a kite with Ms. V.
  13. Camping trip in NorCal.
  14. Throw V an awesome 1st birthday.
  15. Watch a movie in the park. There are so many options here.
    2017-06-08 22_44_57-Clueless - Street Food Cinema

    Photo via Street Food Cinema

    What do you think? Did you see anything you want to add to your list? Let me know.



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