March Preview

It’s already March. Doesn’t it seem like it all just happens so fast these days? I feel like it was just yesterday I was saying, “It’s already February!” Life, man. Who is still rocking their New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t even make them. I’m trying to keep a lil’ human alive over here, I cannot be bothered with going to the gym or staying away from sugar or whatever else people resolve to do. But if you did and you are keeping up with them, yay you! If not, there’s always next year. Yay for next year.

As I mentioned, it’s March. This month we’ve got some exciting things happening. Stay tuned this month for a fun recipe for National Cereal Day, a sweet treat for Pi day, and a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration that pays homage to the color of the year, Greenery. I’ll also be talking about the David Bowie exhibit being held at a  . . . wait for it  . . . cemetery. Yup! And Spring is almost here. Let’s usher it in with a little cleaning. But like, fun cleaning. Like, “Oh no! I’ve cleaned out my closet and now I think I need to go shopping” – fun cleaning.

March here we come!


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