Meet Me

I’m a west-coast girl earning my broad shoulders one blustery winter at a time in a Midwestern city outside of Chicago. I work in marketing and have a very handsome husband that has learned not to roll his eyes when I bring home an ice cream maker or spend $6.99 on sweet potato syrup (WTF do you do with sweet potato syrup?) .

Someone once said that I would never be married because I don’t like to cook. We’ll I’ve been married three years (and going strong) and I write a blog about delicious food and other domestic pursuits–so there!

Meet The Tulle Shoppe

I believe that memories are made in the moments where mundane meets magic. The Tulle Shoppe is meant to inspire more opportunities for magic.

If you would like to share sweet potato syrup recipes or just want to say hello, please feel free to email me at:


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