Swoon Worthy Baby Shower Dresses

Next weekend is the last of several baby showers we’ve been lucky enough to have. I’m so looking forward to seeing old friends and celebrating our baby Lou with family. But honestly, more than that I’m looking forward to being done with the showers. They’ve been great and I feel blessed, but we’ve been holding off on buying anything for the baby until the very last shower and I feel like I’m way behind on my nesting as a result. It’s a real thing. The to-do list is growing and my hands have been tied.

One thing I will miss when they are all said and done is having an excuse to dress up. I’m sure I’ve heard this somewhere before and it’s true something about that bump makes you feel beautiful. Maybe it’s because you can be an apologetic about being round, or maybe it’s because you are round and even more than usual in those lovely lady lumps. But I can’t remember a time in recent history that I felt so good about myself (even with all the unflattering stuff that comes along with pregnancy).  When I’ve had the energy it’s been fun to dress this bump up. Here are some options I’m thinking about for our last shower:


This Floral Silk Maternity Maxi Dress from Seraphine.com is probably more “floral” than I would normally go but I can’t imagine a time more appropriate than during pregnancy to go ultra-feminine.

20160624_120352 edit

This Rosie Pope Camille off the Shoulder Maternity Dress from Nordstrom is adorable. I could see myself wearing this again and maybe even post baby.

20160624_120416 edit

The Caltha Swing Dress from Anthropologie  isn’t a maternity dress but it’s “flowy” enough that I think it could work. I LOVE the colors and pattern. It’s gorgeous but it looks effortless.

Maternity Scoop Neck Dress - Expected by Lilacedited

Isn’t this Maternity Scoop Neck Dress from Target so sweet? Especially since I’m having a girl. And the price can’t be beat!


The Magnolia Lace Dress also from Anthropologie is one of my favorites. It’s so feminine but not in a cheesy way. The color is gorgeous and different but the perfect softness for a baby shower. Also, not a maternity dress, but it looks like there’s enough room for a bump, right? Please say, “Yes!”

Fortunately, I have some options but this shower is happening next weekend, I need to make a decision – STAT! What would you choose?


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