Wednesdays in June

Wednesdays this month have been precious. Actually, the same can be said about all the other days of the week too. I know I’ve said it before but as excited as we are to be welcoming a new little one, it sure does feel like the walls are caving in around us. I mean that in the most pro-baby way possible. It’s like the most wonderful thing in life that can happen to you is about to happen to you but as a result you have to say goodbye to all that you know and leap into the unknown. That sounds like some sort of pep talk for starting a business, I think the emotions are similar. Anyways, here’s what Wednesdays in June looked like:


The latest Fearless Flyer,  Trader Joe’s 24-page advertorial pamphlet highlighting all their new offerings, arrived and man did it get me. The pamphlet featured what I estimate to be dozens of mango flavored treats both sweet and savory.  And guess what? I bought all of them-well a lot of them. Including:

Organic Mango Lemonade: good subtle flavors and not too sweet but a tinge of tart. I’ve been putting it in smoothies and will probably do some sort of popsicles with it.
Mango Joe-Joe’s: I wasn’t sure I was going to like these put curiosity prevailed. They feature a mango cookie and mango flavored creamy center. I wish they hadn’t gone so fast because the baby wants some right NOW!
Mango Walks in a Bar: This is the latest flavor of TJ’s staple cereal bars. These were just average. I would reserve my mango splurge for something more worthwhile.
Mango Sorbet: Like biting into a perfectly ripe mango. It melts on your tongue and is everything you are looking for when trying to satisfy a mango craving. Good news, this isn’t really a seasonal item. Maybe you can’t find it in the winter but it’s usually around.
Just Mango Slices with Chili: These are a staple in our house and they too can be found year-round. But I mention them because they are mango and they are delicious. If you haven’t tried them, do it. They make a great road trip snack.
Mango Coconut Caramel Popcorn: I have to say this was the standout of all the mango-flavored treats I tried. Curiosity got me on this one too. But once I opened the bag I could not stop. I even had to hide from “A” because he was going hard and I wanted it all for myself. This shit is good!


I’ve officially began the countdown to Baby Lou’s arrival. I don’t know when you officially call it but the baby showers are mostly behind us, we’ve got more baby stuff in our home than we know what to do with and we are knee-deep in baby classes. So we can no longer hide our head in the sand, this is happening (and it’s amazing/ scary as hell).

My cousin generously gifted  us this beautiful bassinet a few months ago and we finally took it out of the box and assembled it. I thought it would creep me out to have an empty bassinet just sitting next to our bed for months (or weeks now) before the baby got here but it has actually been fun. It has encouraged us to imagine our lives as parents and spawned some pretty awesome conversations. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll clear out our registry and start to really incorporate baby into our space, eeek!!!!


I’ve been a little lazy about exercising over the last couple of weeks but our last class about labor and delivery  has scared me straight. The answer to all that you fear is movement. So it didn’t take much for “A” to talk me into going on a hike at our favorite location, Griffith Park. It was tough and very slow going but it felt so good to do something that, at this point, feels like a part of a former life.

When we got to the top I got a little emotional just thinking about how different our lives will be the next time we make this trek. I hope Baby Lou loves the outdoors as much as we do!


This picture is more of a throwback, a Way Back Wednesday photo, if you will. It’s from a trip we took three years ago. We were still living in Chicago but had already made the decision to move back to CA. We decided we needed to have a few “local” adventures before we said good bye to the Midwest.

On our first long we weekend we set out to Holland, Michigan. A small town that came highly recommended from a colleague that had recently made the trip. She shared all the best places to stop along the way and which restaurants we had to check out. Including Salt of the Earth where I had one of the best meals of my life and this little bakery, Crane’s in the City, where we had the most delicious blueberry pie.

We’ve been trying for the last couple of months to get away but things keep coming up. As our window narrows I find myself getting really nostalgic for a similar adventure and panicked that out opportunity will pass. I think I’ve found a place that would make for a great “local” adventure. I’m hoping that I can book it soon.

So that’s June according to Wednesdays. What’s going on with you? What would your Wednesdays say about you?


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