Almond, Mango & Coconut Oat-TEA-meal

-oatea edit

Guys, remember when I said it was #NationalIcedTeaMonth? Well if you thought I was just going to mention it once, you were mistaken. It’s a whole month of celebra-TEA-ing over here.

I’m really excited about this weeks post. It may sound a little dramatic to say but “life-changing” comes to mind.

You might already know this but I love coffee. It just doesn’t love me back. I can only drink a super limited quantity (half cup, twice a week max) before I’m reminded of our rocky relationship. For the last couple of years I’ve been drinking this instead.

20160615_155238 edit

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I’d have to give it up. Something about the way it’s processed can result in bacteria and it’s effects have not been tested on pregnant women. Also, it’s caffeinated.

However, I did find out that Rooibus tea was ok and actually had some benefits for women in my state.  So I bought a lot of it, in many varieties. But as soon as I got the shipment, the idea of tea just made me sick (So did a lot of things including toothpaste. Thank you first trimester.) The tea has been sitting in the box it was shipped in for the last 6 months.


But I finally found a way to put it to use (I actually found two, check back next Monday for that post).

Oat-TEA-meal. Oatmeal made with tea instead of water. It’s soooo easy, just substitute your favorite tea for water the next time you want to amp up this healthy breakfast staple.

20160615_155704 edit

For this post I used an almond infused Rooibus tea. I steeped the tea according to the directions on the bag, added oatmeal and reheated. The almond taste really came through. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I topped with mango chunks and coconut flakes. It was delicious! I will never go back to making oatmeal “normally” again. I can’t wait to try it with flavors like cinnamon apple and chocolate.  Life-changing.

What do you think, will you give Oat-TEA-meal a try? Which flavors would you try?\



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