Passion Fruit Arnold Palmer Tea-sicles

It is hard keeping up with all these national days of recognition. But in June I’m sure trying. Mostly because – YUM! Along with National Donut Day, Father’s Day and Best Friends Day (stay tuned) June boasts #NationalIcedTeaMonth.

I love iced tea, don’t know if it warrants a national day of celebration, but what do I know. As long as the NATION is celebrating, I might as well join the party.

This recipe for passion fruit iced tea arnold palmer tea-sicles can be modified a million ways. This would make a great unexpected dessert at a backyard bbq.

20160606_191116 edit

Passion Fruit Arnold Palmer Tea-sicles

Start by brewing your favorite tea at double strength (use twice as much as recommended). For this recipe I used 1 1/2 cups of water as my guide. I picked up this particular variety of tea up last year when I was in Kauai. But a quick amazon search will  yield a lot of options. I would avoid the Tazo/ Starbucks variety if you are seeking an authentic “passion fruit” flavor.


Sweeten the tea a little more than you would if you were drinking it. It tends to lose a little bit of flavor when it’s frozen.

If you want there to be a clear line of distinction between your tea and lemonade fill your popsicle molds about half way with the tea. Let set for about an hour in the freezer. You don’t want the tea to be frozen solid, but you want it to be set enough that when you add the lemonade there is minimal mixing. Add lemonade and freeze until frozen through, 2-3 hours.

20160606_190815 edit20160606_190637 edit

I enjoy the taste of the combo so that wasn’t a priority for this batch but it does look really pretty. If you’re not going for separation than add your lemonade to the tea and then fill molds all the way to the top. Place in freezer for 2-3 hours.

20160606_191319 edit

Serve and wow your bbq guests.






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