Setting the Stage: Cinco de Mayo Baby Shower

I’m in the middle of planning a fiesta-themed baby shower for a super close family friend. The budget is tight but that isn’t stopping this host from dreaming big! That’s my usual process when planning an event. I work with the host to come up with an ideal vision and then edit and adjust for budget. You’d be surprised how much you actually can accomplish on a tight budget if you’re not afraid to dream first and employ a little bit of creativity.

The mother-to-be is very inspired by her Latina heritage (and why shouldn’t she be?) and wants to incorporate special elements throughout. For decor she focused on handmade elements with a lot of pop but minimal material costs.

From the beginning we knew that we wanted to serve brunch. With ingredients that don’t cost a lot (hello eggs) we knew we could make the dishes go further and incorporate the delicious flavors of Mexico in surprising ways.

We spent a long time thinking about dessert. MTB wanted something like strawberry shortcake but taken up a notch, fresh fruit and bright flavors.

So what do you think? What ideas look good to you and what would you pass on? I can’t wait to show you what we actually did!



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