Setting the Stage: Unexpected Dinner Guest – Tablescape

Hi Friends! How is everyone? Are we excited about the Holidays? Or are we streeeesssseeed!?! I hope not the latter. As for me, I’m a little wrapped up in trying to navigate the  minefield that family relationships become around the Holidays. Can’t we all just get along? If you find yourself in a similar position, I’m sorry. Let’s forget all that mess for a minute, it’ll be here waiting for us later.

Setting the Stage: Unexpected Dinner Guest - Decor (via

This DIY tablescape is easy peasy, not at all like those aforementioned minefields.

Let’s start with these placemats. This is so easy that it can’t even be called a DIY, it’s more of a new use for an item that you no doubt already own – scrapbook paper. Am I right to assume that you’ve got scrapbook paper a-plenty? I thought so.

With so many colors, patterns, and textures available the theme possibilities are endless. Just pick your favorite and/ or most compatible with your tablecloth (you can use them without a tablecloth too) and place at each setting. I had a small destination wedding and actually used a version of this for my reception. It’s super inexpensive, adds so much to the table and guests will never know that it’s scrapbook paper. Nobody pays attention to what their plate is resting on, they’ll only know that the table looks beautiful.

Completed Project Place Setting

Here’s another secret this tablescape will keep, that napkin ring, it used to be a paper towel roll. Yes, that cardboard tube that is revealed at the end of the life of a roll of paper towels.

Completed Project Napkins

In this DIY we give it new life by dressing it up with washi tape in a color that compliments your table linens. Gently pinch the circular tube to create an oval shape, measure the width of your washi tape, and make straight cuts into the tube the same size. Once you have all the rings you need, wrap them in washi tape. Done. Completed Project Flowers 1

I always make it a point to have fresh flowers when we have a guest. I hate it when I don’t have time to pick them up. It makes me feel like if  Martha was watching it go down she would comment, “smdh.”

But I found a way to win in such a situation. And even better these flowers won’t die on me and can be used over and over again.

Completed Project Flowers

This DIY is definitely one that should already be in everyone’s DIY arsenal. I’m going to assume that’s the case and just give you a quick overview. I’ve also taken some shortcuts because we are preparing for a last minute guest. Time is of the essence.

Take a three sheets of tissue paper, unfold and cut into four strips (hamburger-style), make 1” accordion folds,  stack and staple twice making an “x” in the middle. Once secured cut the edges either into a point or create a rounded edge, fan out the stacked folds and begin to pull the layers apart from each other. Soon a beautiful puff resembling a flower will emerge. The ones I made look like marigolds to me.

Completed Project Setting Side View

Once you’ve create as many as you would like, I made six; criss-cross double-sided tape across the opening of a vase. Affix the tissue paper flowers to the tape. Done and Done.

In a matter of minutes you can have a last minute tablescape that will impress the most discerning guests (ah-hm mother-in-laws, not mine, but I know how it goes). Good luck!




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