Root Beer Float Redo: Caramel Apple Float

I know everyone says this but each year it feels more and more true — time flies.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to October. Once I concede the end of the year will be upon us before I’ve had the chance to digest all the Halloween candy I stole from the kids in my life.

In an act of protest I whipped up this hay ride worthy treat. It doesn’t actually travel so well but it sure does conjure sweet memories of one of my fall favorites: caramel apples.

Rootbeer Float Redo Carmal Apple Float 3_Fotor

It was so simple too. Just a scoop, let’s be honest, two scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream.

Rootbeer Float Redo Carmal Apple Float

Add a swirl of dulce de leche. Trader Joes makes a delicious one but it comes in a jar which means there’s a few extra steps between you and this:

Rootbear Float Redo Carmal Apple Float 1La Lechera actually has a squeezable bottle that’s perfect for creating delicious drizzles and expedites the yum consumption. Top with apple cider, usually found in the refrigerated section this time of year. Or better yet, pick some up on your annual trip to the apple orchard (we’re all guilty).Finish with some whipped cream and graham cracker sprinkles if you want to live dangerously.



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