Setting the Stage: Unexpected Dinner Guest – Completed Project

This time of year unexpected guests have a way of popping up.

“Hey honey ‘so-and-so’ is in town visiting family for the Holidays, he/ she is going to stop by tomorrow night can you throw something together?”

Whaa, what? I know, I’m with you, we don’t “throw together”. We carefully orchestrate with an aim to delight each of our guests and offer a memorable dinning experience. Just me?

Regardless of which end of the hostess spectrum you land, I’ve created a tablescape and meal that will only look like it is the work of a crazy Martha Stewart type such as  myself.

Here are photos of the completed project check back each Monday this month for the how-tos.

Setting the Stage: Unexpected Guest (via

Who has time to run to the farmer’s market for fresh flowers for a last minute dinner? I don’t know, but I do know you need not concern yourselves with such things when you add this handy skill to your “tulle” box. <smiley face emoji>

Setting the Stage: Unexpected Guest( via

Placemat or craft staple that I know you have in abundance?

Setting the Stage: Unexpected Guest( via

Reduce, reuse, recycle — these napkin holders were made with something that you were going to throw away.

Completed Project Setting Side View

This easy pasta dish may look unassuming but it features a seasonal favorite that makes it anything but ordinary.

Setting the Stage: Unexpected Guest( via

If you are curious to see how I turned a paper towel roll, tissue paper, and scrapbook paper into this vibrant tablescape check back for the next post in this series, Setting the Stage: Unexpected Dinner Guest (Decor). Chat with you soon!


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