3 Ways: Passion Fruit

Since discovering the amazing-ness of becoming proficient in the kitchen, I find that I approach a lot of things differently.

Take something seemingly unrelated like souvenirs. Yes, I’m talking about trinkets you bring home from places you want to remember. It’s a weird thing to associate with a kitchen, right? But I’ve found that a lot of times memories are associated with a smell or taste or flavor. Like fall and pumpkin spice lattes, or rainy days and tamales (am I alone here?)

Flavors + tastes + smells = memories.

Back to my point (souvenirs . . . kitchens . . . ), instead of only bringing home knickknacks as souvenirs (I also collect Christmas ornaments) I’ve started collecting ingredients representative of the unique flavors I experience while traveling. This practice has made for quite the pantry selection. Now when I’m creating what might be ordinary pancakes I can reach for my souvenir sweet potato syrup from Kuipers Farm and turn breakfast into something special.

While on an epic trip ( not an understatement, I’m talking navy-seal-style raft trips and helicopters) to Kauai, HI this summer I soaked up every passion fruit-flavored edible I could get my hands on — margaritas, sweet bread, salad dressing, anything and everything. Obviously, I had no choice but to hunt down some passion fruit specialties to bring home.

There were a lot of options but I settled on a bottled passion fruit juice concentrate that I thought would go a lot further because I could turn it into so many things.

Like Tropical Passion Fruit Gummies. Is that what you were thinking too?

I modified the original recipe that came with my little bear molds from thekitchenfix.

3 Ways: Passion Fruit (via thetulleshoppe.wordpress.com)

Tropical Passion Fruit Gummies

1/8 cup (1 oz.) Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate
1/8 cup (1 oz.) Coconut Water
1/4 cup (2 oz.) Pineapple Juice
1 tsp Lime Juice
2 Tbsp Unflavored Gelatin

Place all ingredients, except gelatin, in saucepan on low heat until combined.

Add gelatin, little by little, making sure to spread out over mixture to avoid clumping. Continue stirring with whisk  constantly until all ingredients are melted and well combined. the mixture will turn smooth and glassy. Be careful not to let mixture boil.

Place molds on a tray before you fill to prevent from spilling  when you move.

Fill molds and freeze for 10-15 minutes.



Also, I can’t wait to modify this recipe.

And I definitely want to give this unique flavor combination a try.

What do you think, do pantry items make good souvenirs?


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